History of the Castle

The Castle is located between Aragón and Castilla and has lived intensively all historical milestones of spanish medieval history.The historical characters of “Castillo de Santiuste” are intimately related to those that played a relevant role in spanish history .

Historical features

  • 1430 Foundation of Castillo de Santiuste” at Corduente by Don Juan Ruiz de Molina called the Old Knight (El Caballero Viejo).He was direct descendant from the noble  Enrique de Lara, first Sovereign Count of Molina .The King Juan II of de Castilla granted him authorisation 1343 to fortify his mansion.
  • 1431 at the important battle against the Moors in Granada the Old Knight  “El Caballero Viejo” was named war counselor by the King of Castilla.
  • 1222 “Concordia de Zafra”. The Zafra agreement.The lordship of Molina was inherited by Mafalda through marriage to Alfonso de León, brother of  “Fernando III El Santo”-The Saint.Thereafter Alfonso de León was known as Alonso de Molina.
  • 1264 María de Molina. Daughter of Alonso de Molina who became consort Queen of Castilla through marriage with SanchoIV. She became Queen mother of  “King Alfonso XI de Castilla”.
  • 1640 The ammunition production site for canon bullets was inaugurated at Castillo de Santiuste by King Felipe IV at  Corduente set up to downfight the upraise of  Cataluña.
  • 1850 a romantic Artist dropped off society and settled into the main towers of The Castle.Romantics rediscovered medieval values that nourished their nostalgic inspiration of their ideals melting  nature and culture and were the first that considered again the castles as monuments witness of the past usi them as source of inspiration to create art.

Historical characters 

  • Manrique de Lara, first Sovereign Count of Molina
  • Pedro González de Molina (The Disinherited -El Desheredado), reconqueror of Ubeda and Baeza at Andalucía
  • Don Juan Ruiz de Molina (The Old Knight-El Caballero Viejo)
  • Juan II de Castilla
  • Infante Alfonso de Molina
  • Doña María de Molina, regent Queen
  • Sancho IV de Castilla

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