What do we offer

We rent movie locations and spaces in a spanish castle to film movies that require historical ambience for companies from the international film industies, publicity,Video and art clips:

  • We have an authentic site and real scenarios available for movies, documentals ,TV serials ,TV movies,TV spots and documentaries that require a medieval atmosphere and a real historical frame.
  • The castle is located at the national park “Parque Natural del Alto Tajo” with almost 175.000 Ha of forest.There is no contamination and the light has a very clear and clean brightness and colours with luminosity ideal for filming .The nights are cristal clear and the sky shows an almost a transparent firmament viewing all stars constelations ,stars raining and milky way etc
  • Around the castle there is a fenced area of 5 ha that can be used for all the logistics and equipments required ,safe parking lots , horse keeping where privacy is warranted.There is an individual entrance to get in and out .
  • The acces to the Castel is well comunicated and directly from a paved secundary road .There is water , electricity supply and telephone lines.
  • IN the neighborhood there are plenty of confortable locations to lodge al the film staff crews, actors and team members.Also restaurants ,supermarkets and some sightseeing to relax is easily accesible.
  • The northern tower and wall is still in ruins that make them ideal if sieges and battels are planned .
  • The natural park closed to the Castilllo allows also good film and photo shootings with spectacular panoramic views .

Prices and conditions are available upon request

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